What states do you ship to?

Out of the Box is able to ship wine to any state you are licensed for via a direct-shipper’s permit. We ship internationally as well. Please contact us with specific questions. 

Do you ship on behalf of consumer or walk-ins?

Unfortunately, we are only able to ship to states in which a person or business is permitted.

Do you sell shipping, packaging supplies or wood  or specialty boxes? 

Not at this time.

Can clients pick up their wine either packed or unpacked? 

Of course! We have several ways to facilitate custom pickups.

Do you need a copy of my Direct-shippers permit? 

Yes, we are required to hold a copy of your direct-shipper’s permit onsite.

Do you provide storage? 

Our neighbor at Napa Valley Wine Warehouse is a storage company. We have limited capabilities for storage. Please call to discuss your on boarding inventory requirements.